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Sweet Blooms Body Mist

RM 39.00

Enter into a magical flower garden and smell the sweet blooms with every spritz of our Sweet Blooms Body Mist. It is exquisitely blend with ylang ylang, jasmine, geranium, bulgarian rose, roman chamomile and bergamot pure essential oils; carefully selected not just for their lovely scents but also for the therapeutic properties they have.

Our Sweet Blooms Body Mist therapeutically provides emotional balance and promotes relaxation to the body and mind. It scents has an anti depressant property which can drive away anxiety, sadness and stress. It also has mood uplifting effects which can induce feelings of joy and hope. 

We love our body mist not just because of the sweet floral (oh so romantic) scent but also because of its amazing therapeutic benefits. And not to forget, all our products are formulated with high quality essential oils; no synthetic fragrance or any harsh chemicals lurking inside our bottles. 

How to use

1. Shake the bottle before spray. 

2. Spray on body (and hair too!)

3. Have a great day ahead.