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Aromatherapy Medicine Pouch

RM 92.00


This complete wellness kit contains Balance, Defense, HeadEase and Breathe Aromatherapy Remedies, Relief Balm and Heal Balm. This kit comes together in a pouch and should always be in your kitchen at home or in your handbag whenever you are on the go. We have combined a few of our favorites for a wide range of health conditions. 

Item Description

Balance promotes good women's health and hormone balance.

Defense is very powerful for germs fighting and immune booster.

HeadEase releases stress and remedy for headache.

Breathe helps to clear congestion and promotes good respiratory health.

Relief Balm reliefs sore muscles, cramps, stomach ache, indigestion, insect bites and skin inflammation.

Heal Balm is calming and healing to various skin problems such as eczema, dry, itchy, cuts, scraps, wounds and also safe to be used on baby's skin.